At always explore new ways to expand your business horizon. We pay heed on catering to your specific goals with our mobile marketing and message services. Our specialization is to offer you the opportunity, wherein you can get in touch with target audiences.

API (Application Programming Interface) enables our clients to integrate our other SMS services into your own business application. With our Bulk SMS API, you can have a better control over mobile marketing and your application. Our Bulk SMS API is compatible with both single SMS API (HTTP API based on REST) and Group SMS API (XML API).

If you are seeking for bulk SMS application, with us, you can certainly have an opportunity to stay connected with a target clients and customers that suit into your scheme of things.

Our XML, SMS API is companionable for ‘one to many’ and ‘many to many’.

HTTP API is used to send one message using your own application. It is just like web address that must be called to send message.

XML API is recommended when you would like to send SMS in bulk. A single message can be sent to thousands of recipients through XML API.

Balance Check API is used to check the balance and expiry date of your account.

Delivery Report API is used to verify the delivery status of your SMS.